What is Water Hardness?

Have you ever wondered what is water hardness? And how it can affect your health and home? We will go over what water hardness is and what you can do to remove it. 

High amounts of calcium and magnesium ions in water is what causes thewhat is water hardness? Hand wash in sink water to be hard and creates less lather with soap. The soap contains long-chain fatty acids of sodium salts that react with the calcium and magnesium in water to form scum. The precipitate scum then sticks to the surface of the object being cleaned, which greatly reduce the cleaning capacity of the soap.

What is soft water?

Now that we know what hard water is, let’s compare it to soft water. Water hardness is created when more calcium and magnesium ions are present in the water, while soft water is the opposite. Soft water contains less calcium and magnesium ions, which contributes to more lather with soap. When the parts per million PPM, which is the concentration of a substance in water, is greater than 60, the water is considered hard. While the PPM is less than 60, the water is deemed soft.

Water hardness is divided into two parts Carbonate Hardness or temporary hardness, and non-carbonate hardness or permanent hardness. Temporary hardness can be removed from water through boiling while permanent hardness has to be removed through softening.

what is water hardness - resin beadsWater hardness can be removed through a water softener system that performs ion exchange using resin beads. The hard water passes through the resin beads that are covered in sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium are then swapped with sodium ions which treats the water and continues into the home. Now that the calcium and magnesium is lowered or removed from the water it is then considered soft water.

The effects of hard water

Lets go over the effects of hard water on your health and home. Hard water can cause skin problems like dry skin, and eczema. Because of the high amount of calcium and magnesium over 60 PPM in the water it makes it difficult to remove the soap scum from the skin which can dry it out, and cause irritation.

Hard water can have many adverse effects on your home. It causes your home appliances like your dishwasher to overwork, and not clean asWhat is hard water - Washer effectively. Your water heater, washer, and pipes in your home can become clogged up. Hard water can also affect your clothes with laundry detergent, not cleaning as well, which can leave your clothes smelling unclean and dulling the color of your clothes over time.

We went over what is water hardness? How to remove water hardness using a whole house water softener system, and the affects of hard water on your health, home, and appliances. Have you dealt with hard water? Please let us know in the comments below thank you!